Muhammad Imtiaz Hossain

B. Sc. (CS) and M. Sc. (ICS)
Research Analyst & Web Developer
Deanship of Scientific Research,
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Dhahran 31261, KSA.


Phone:    Office:   +966-3-8603667
              Mobile:   +966-531828624


Research Interest

1.  Data Mining and Machine Learning
2.  Hybrid and Ensemble of Computational Intelligence Models and optimizations of their performance.
3.  Computational Methods in Bioinformatics and Genomics.
4.  Clinical Decision Support Systems for Decease Identification (Cancer, Diabetes, etc.).
5.  Computational Intelligence Modeling for Petroleum Industry (Permeability, Reservoir Characterization, Well      Placement Optimization, Directional Drilling, etc.)
6.  Pattern Recognition for Handwritten Numerals Recognition, Medical Image Processing, etc.

Teaching Interest

I feel exalted to devote myself in the field of academics by improving my teaching skills. The qualitative teachings would be more impressing and convincing if I get an opportunity to teach the courses like basic programming language courses (Java, C, C++ and Fortran), Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, Web Programming, Database Design, Operating System, etc.

Computational Intelligence Models Expertise

Artificial Neural Network, Support Vector Machines/Regression, Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System, Fuzzy Logic/Type-II Fuzzy Logic, Group Method of Data Handling, Clustering and Optimization Algorithms to solve various Classification and Prediction problems.

AI Toolbox Experience: MATLAB, DTREG, WEKA, Abductive Network (based on GMDH), Rapidminer.