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    Othman Saleh Alnumair

    - Manager, Academic Information Systems
    - ITC / King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
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    Join with KFUPM on July 1998. Currently, I am working as Manager of Academic Information Systems (ACIS) in Information Technology Center (ITC), King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals.
    I consult with top management in order to help determine both technical and business goals. Make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these goals. Direct the work of systems analysts, application developers. Assign and review the work of their subordinates.
    Also, I Evaluate the newest technologies and determine how these can help ACIS. Review the works of systems analysts & Applications developers. Consult with users, management to assess technology needs and systems requirements. Develop ACIS goals. Stay abreast of advances in technology. Manage backup and users help systems. Meet with departments heads, managers to solicit cooperation and resolve problems.

  • Skills Summary

    Skills Summary

    • • IT Professional in ORACLE Technology (SQL PLSQL (Forms Reports)) development with expertise in technical development and leading team and had good exposure to DBA Activities.

    • • SQL/PLSQL: Creating and altering database objects: tables, views.

    • • Writing advanced SQL queries.

    • • DBA Activities: Installation, Backup and Recovery activities. Administrating developers Granting privileges.

    • • Tools: Toad, PLSQL Developer.

    • • Development Platform : ORACLE, Forms, Reports.

    • • Collecting and documenting Data Requirements, and preparing Cycle Analysis.

    • • Systems Analysis, Office Automation.

    • • Requested skills in troubleshooting and solving applications problems.

    • • Communicated effectively with co-workers, subordinates, superiors, the general public.

    • • Installed, configured and upgraded operating systems and software.

    Areas of Work

    • • Project Management & Software Evaluation.

    • • Systems Analysis, Design, Software Development and Implementation.

    • • Database design, Management and Administration.

    • • Software Engineering.

    • • Management Information Systems.

    • • Office Automation.

    • • Training and Education.

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