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1. During office repair or reinstallation, you receive the following error message:

Error 1311 Source file not found


Step1: make sure you are logged on into windows with administrator privileges and try again

Step2: open ‘my computer’=> click tools in menu bar => select ‘map network drive’ and create a new drive

Step3: copy all files from the cd and paste it into the new drive

Step4: reinstall office again but directly from the network drive instead from off the cdrom

2. When you start Word or any of the MS office products, you receive the following error message:

“… the feature you want to use is unavailable…”


Step1: restart MS word in safe mode and then restart it normally

Step3: follow the microsoft knowledge base article here:


Step2: uninstall and reinstall office if problem persists



3. General instructions for troubleshooting problems encountered when starting Word


Step1: use windows search to locate the file normal.dot . Make sure that hidden files and extensions are visible.

Rename the file found in your profile from normal.dot to normal.bak

Restart MS Word

Step2: If problem persists: click start => run => type: winword .exe /a and press enter

If word opens without problems go to step3, otherwise go to step4.

Step3: click tools => select ‘Templates & Add-ins’ => turn them off => ok and restart Word normally.

Step4:  browse to the following folder: %programfiles%\microsoft office\office<versionNumber>\startup

Click tools=> folder options => view tab =>select ‘show hidden files and folders’ => ok

=> Rename all files located in the folder => restart Word => if problem persists reinstall office, otherwise rename each file in the folder one at a time and start MS Word until a specific file has been determined to be the source of the problem.

4. When you close MS Word, you get the following error message:

You chose to end non-responsive program… MS word szappver: 11.05604.0


Step1: perform office update: http://tinyurl.com/573mc

Step2: if problem persists, then check for macros.

To check for macros, first test if Microsoft word experiences any problems in safe mode: To go to safe mode: click start=> run => type: winword.exe /a and press enter

5. When you start Word, you receive the following error message:

“.. Communication error has occurred..”


Resolution: make sure you are connected to the internet before starting Word.


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