The Human Resources Department is one of the main departments in the Deanship of Faculty & Personnel Affairs. It works as an auditor of the basic functions of human resources, excluding those related to academic jobs, to make sure that the processes and procedures that are used to attain, retain, and motivate human resources are effective. In doing so, the Department works with full coordination and cooperation with other concerned departments. This coordination and cooperation is essential for the effective performance of this department and other departments at KFUPM and especially the departments within the Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs. While other Departments may carry out the basic human resources functions such as recruitment, selection, or on-the-job training, the processes and procedures used to perform these functions are designed and monitored by the human resources department. In addition to its role as the auditor of the human resources functions, the Department will run a training center and will manage all the activities related to personnel training and development at KFUPM.

 An essential starting point is to systematically determine the needs for human resources in the university. The Department needs to work with other departments in the University to determine the optimum quantities and types of personnel to carry out the required work effectively. This optimum number for each Department will be the base by which surpluses or shortages are determined. It is also the base that triggers other functions such as recruitment, training, transfer, etc.

 The  Department should have at all times updated and accurate information about the job classification in the University and will keep track of the variation between approved jobs and actual jobs and will work with other departments to minimize such variations.





Once  employees are selected, they need to be educated about KFUPM way of work life. Each new employee will enter into an orientation program, the primary objective of which is to transform the individual perception, perspective, attitude, and expectations to ones that are more in line with KFUPM culture. The orientation program will be run by the training center.

The Department will design this program so that the above objective is achieved. The orientation program in content, pedagogy, and practice should drive home to the employee the importance of discipline, importance of time, importance of how to deal with others, importance of rules and procedures, and importance of commitment and loyalty to the institution. It should also include all that is related to his rights and his obligations. It should also include general introduction to the institution, its departments, and its mission and role. The orientation program may include visits and tours.





There are basic skills that are common to many jobs in the University. These include skills in computer and the English language. The training center will carry out training in these skills for all new employees who must have them. The Department will be responsible for the training center the design and delivery of this training program.





Career developSCHOLARSHIPment and career progression is vital to the managerial positions in the University. The University needs to be able to identify and develop potential future managers/directors. The Department will develop procedures or guidelines that could help the University in this regard. Issues such as coaching, mentoring, management development training, temporary assignments, rotation, scholarships, etc. need to be explored for the potential of utilizing them in a systematic manner to develop potential managers.

Finally  The Department is new. The functions and responsibilities of the Department are immense. Its existence and role introduce a modus operand a that is a notable departure from the past. It will need time to be fully functional and commonly accepted. It will pursue its functions and build its capacities gradually and hopefully in an accelerated manner.




 Up to date we have 64 graduate assistant and lecture in scholarship. During the last two years The University approved 20 graduate assistants and lecturers to proceed their scholarship.


The university approved:

1-      43 candidates for training in Institute of Public Administration

2-      46 trainees in short courses

3-      42 trainees outside the kingdom

4-     35 employees to study part time in the university.



Director, Human Resources

Mohammed A. Al-Shehri

Phone # : +966-3-8603402

Fax # : +966-3-8602421

E-mail :








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