Who I am...

    My Name is Azhar Al_Musallam

I am from Saudi Arabia. I graduated from king Fahd University for Petroleum and Minrals (KFUPM) with BD in Computer Science.

    I am the type of people who do not follow where the path may lead. Instead, I try to create my own path. I love my business partners and employees and we stick by each other like a family. The life taught me to inspire my employees to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. When I make sure they can lead, I go to enjoy sleeping.

My Business Interest:

      I am interested in Information Technology Fields. When I was student, I made a business group for Personal website and database systems designing.

I really enjoyed communication with the customers and taking and analyzing their requirements. I can not describe my feeling when I see my customers satisfied, but the most exciting moment is when I see their money passing the space from their pocket to mine.

My Educational Interest:

    Even though I have BD in Computer Science, I am always interested to learn new things and gain new skills. In the technical path I am interested these days to be Oracle Certified DBA. In the managerial path I am trying to learn about Sigma 6 Strategy.

My Recreation Time:

    In the past when there was a time, I had a lot of recreation activities. I was an actor in the Theater Club at the University. Also, I was self defense player and I had the green belt in Judo. I achieved the second position in Al_Qadisiyah Judo Competition at 2003.But the most important achievement is that I broken the arm of my trainer during training by mistake.

    Since there is no time to do all of these activities any more, I spend one hour daily in the gym.