Name:                         Medhat Mohammed SaadElDin ABOUElSENOUN


Nationality:                Egyptian  -  US Permanent Resident


Status:                        Married


Address:                    KFUPM, Medical Center, POB 1787, Dhahran, 31261, KSA

                                   5523 110TH AVE N  Pinellas Park, FL 33782, US         

                                   41 El Hegaz Street, Heliopolis,11351, Cairo, Egypt



Telephone:                Office (KSA)   +96613-8603343  

                                  (Home US)     +1-727-242-2282


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St. George’s College                Oct 1957 - July 1970               Thanaweya Aama

 Heliopolis, Cairo                                                               (High School Diploma)!/St.GeorgesCollege


Faculty of Medicine                 Oct 1970 - Dec 1976               MB,BCH     

Ain Shams University

 Cairo , Egypt


Faculty of Medicine                 Oct 1984 - Nov 1988            MS Cardiology

Ain Shams University

Cardiology Department and CCU




King Fahd University of

Petroleum and Minerals           Feb 2001- present             Cardiologist


      Medical Center     



               Healthcare of students , faculty , staff and their families.


•Prescribe or administer treatment, therapy, medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury.

•Order, perform, and interpret tests and analyze records, reports, and examination information to diagnose patients' condition.

•Collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical history, reports, and examination results.

•Monitor patients' conditions and progress and reevaluate treatments as necessary.

•Explain procedures and discuss test results or prescribed treatments with patients.

•Advise patients and community members concerning diet, activity, hygiene, and disease prevention.

•Refer patients to other medical specialists or practitioners when necessary.

•Coordinate work with nurses, social workers, pharmacists, and other health care providers.

•Coordinate activities of nurses, assistants, specialists, and other medical staff.

•Plan, implement, or administer health programs or standards in clinics, businesses, or communities for prevention or treatment of injury or illness.




   PLACE                                            PERIOD                            POSITION


Armed Forces Hospital        April 1991 - December 2001             Specialist

   King AbdulAziz Airbase,                                                           

   Dhahran,KSA(150 beds,6 ICU)



Out-Patient Cardiology Clinic .

In-Patients of the Internal Medicine Department and ICU Management.

ICU procedures such as CV Line and temporary PM and Swan-Ganz catheter insertion.

Echocardiography and Exercise treadmill test.

Reporting ECG and 24 hrs. ECG Holter monitoring.


Health Insurance Organization     March 1989- June 1990    Cardiologist/Intensivist

Nasr City Hospital,Cairo,Egypt                       

(550 Beds,10 ICU,10 CCU beds)   June 1990 - March 1991    ICU Supervisor                                                                                             


Out-Patient Cardiology Clinic.

In-patients Care at Cardiology Department , CCU  & ICU .

Follow-up, Pre and Post Operative Assessment of cardiac patients .     

Antenatal Care of pregnant women with cardiac diseases .

Echocardiography  and Cardiac Catheterization. Treadmill Exercise Test .

Supervising ICU staff ( preparing , training , equipment , management).

Plan, implement, or administer health programs or standards in clinics, businesses, or communities for prevention or treatment of injury or illness.


6th October Hospital               Dec 1986 - Nov 1988        Resident ICU

(150 Beds and 6  ICUbeds)        Dec 1988 - March 1989      Cardiologist



Central Agency for                  Feb 1981 - Nov 1986       General Physician

Organization and Administration  

    (Ain Shams Hospitals,         (Jan 1984 - Jan 1986)         Resident Cardiology

   CardiologyDepartment)                                                              (Visitor)                                                                                                 



Ministry of Health                               March 1978 -Feb 1981             General Physician




Heliopolis Hospital,               Sept 1977 - Feb 1978                  House Officer

 Ministry of Health                               


Demerdash Hospital,             March 1977- Aug 1977               House Officer

 Ain Shams University 


Private Clinic                         Jan 1981 - Feb 1991                   GP/Cardiologist

 Cairo, Egypt





Ain Shams Hospitals Cardiology Department and CCU,  1/8/84 - 1/7/1986

Cardiac Catheterization and Echocardiography Laboratories.

Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


Bad Kruntzingen Rehabilitation Center ICU, 1/16/1989 - 2/1/1989

 Cardiac Catheterization and Echocardiography Laboratories,

 Bad Kruntzingen ,Germany


Robinson Cambridge College , 6/16/1993 - 6/20/1993

Heart Failure Cambridge Conference,

England, united Kingdom


Echo-Doppler Course Workshop 10/18-19/1995

Armed Forces Hospital, Prince Sultan Cardiac Center,Riyadh,KSA





Special Skills:


Computer : Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage and WebPublishing.



Medical Meetings: 


2013 Annual Meeting, Florida Chapter, American College of Cardiology,

CV Challenges: The FCACC Annual Meeting, August 16-18

at Disney's Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL


Annual Meeting of the Egyptian Society of Cardiology from 1981 - 2010


Annual Saudi  Heart Association Sessions 1993 - 2011           


First Pan Arab Conference on Hypertension  12/6-8/1993 Cairo, Egypt

Third  Conference 2/5-9/2000 ,Abu Dhabi,UAE


Scientific meeting of the Egyptian Hypertension Society

    12/7-9/1994 & 12/18-20/1996 &1/26-28/2000


Recent Advances in Echocardiography Ain Shams Hospital 1988,Cairo


Arrhythmia Workshop Ain Shams Specialized Hospital 1986,Cairo,Egypt


International symposium Current Concepts and controversies in cardiology

15/2-13/1993 King Khaled National Guard Hospital, Jeddah,KSA


American Heart Association 70th Scientific Sessions,Orlando,Florida,USA,1997


Egyptian society of Artherosclerosis Meeting 1/2-4/97 & 1/22-23/2000


4th World Congress of Echocardiography 1/19-21/2000,Cairo,Egypt


European Society  of CardiologyXXIII Congress9/1-5/2001,Stockholm,Sweden


The "XVI European Meeting on Hypertension,Madrid, June 12-15, 2006 –

  IFEMA - Feria de Madrid - Spain




References : 


Dr.Jamil Qasem, MD,

 Chief Physician , Medical Director,

 Medical Center , KFUPM , Dhahran , Saudi Arabia

 Tel : +96638603363 -Fax : +96638601672 - e-mail :


Dr.Ghazi Hamada, MD,

 Consaltant Physician

 Medical Center , KFUPM , Dhahran , Saudi Arabia

 Tel : +96638603340 -Fax : +96638601672 - e-mail :


Dr.Ali Ramzi, MD,DM,FACC,

 Prof. of Cardiology Ain Shams University

 Former Chairman of the Egyptian Society of Cardiology

 Supervisor of Cath.Lab. Nasr City Hospital,Cairo,Egypt

 Health Insurance Organization (HIO)  Tel :  +202-2747767


Dr.Nabil Khidr, MD,PhD,Cardiology,Manchester,UK

 Chairman of Medical Specialities , Airbase Hospital,Dhahran

 Consultant Cardiologist , Dubai , UAE – e-mail:

 Clinic Tel  +9714691415 -Fax +9714699023 -Mobile +971504814622


Dr.Nabil El Mikatti, MD,FFARCS(Eng),DA,DM,

 Prof.of Anaesthesia,Cairo University,

 Director of  ICU, Nasr City Hospital , Cairo , Egypt , (HIO)

 At present University of Manchester , Oxford Road , Manchester M13 9PL
Tel: +44 161 485 4068 – e-mail:



Dr.Mohamed Amin, MD,MRCP,UK,

 Prof.of Cardiology AlAzhar University

 Consultant Cardiologist at Airbase Hospital , Dhahran

 At present in Cairo Tel  +202-3375144 -Mobile : +20122142340


Dr.Ramchandran Sankaran, MD,FRCP,FCCP

 Consultant Pulmonologist,Director of ICU Airbase Hospital , Dharan,KSA

 At present Consultant Pulmonologist at Saad Specialist Hospital AlKhobar

 Tel : +9663-8826666 – e-mail:


Dr.Ali Al Hassani, MD,FRCPI,UK

 Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist

 Chairman of Medical Specialities , Airbase Hospital , Dhahran

 At present Consultant Gastroenterologist

 Tel : +44 179 220 174   - e-mail :     


Dr.Khairy Abdel Dayem,MD,DM,FACC,

 Prof. of Cardiology Ain Shams University ,Cairo, Egypt

 Head of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate

 e-mail :






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