Research Interests


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My research interests concentrated about Control, Vibration and Dynamics. My master thesis and term projects related to these fields.

Master Thesis:

(A Nonlinear PID Control Strategy for Hard Disk Drive Servosystems)


It is aimed at developing a nonlinear PID control scheme which worked to achieve minimum settling time and nearly zero overshoots with minimum control power in the Hard Disk Drive systems. Simulation shows the superiority of the proposed controller over all the nonlinear PID algorithms presented in the previous literature.



Titles of Research works and Term Projects


 Development of Design Charts to Determine Stress Concentration Factors for a Triangular Pattern of Holes in a Square and Circular Plates, Incorporating a Finite Element Package (ANSYS).


 Adaptive Feedback Linearization Strategy for Variable Speed Wind Turbine.

 Vibration Studying of Actuator-Arm-Suspension System in a Hard Disk Drive during the Track Seeking Process.

 Experimental Application and Programming of Forward-Inverse Kinematics on a 5-DOF Robot Arm with Motion and Torque Generation.

 Time Optimal Control and Continuous Proximate Time Optimal Control for Hard Disk Drive System


 Vibration Monitoring and Fault Detection using Time-Frequency Techniques.


 Vibration Monitoring and Fault Detection Using Wavelet Techniques.


 Vibration measurements of rotating blades (a comparison between direct and indirect methods)

Undergraduate Senior Project


It was about "The mechanical design of a computerized handling and cutting of materials equipment for a classical lathe machine". (It includes the complete analyses of a robot design with many computer programs that control its motions).