Design of a test loop to study the Sudanese Crude Oil behavior. First we have studied the rheological properties for a sample of the Sudanese crude oil using Brookfield Viscometer and Computer Wingather program in order to understand the crude behavior in the case of different shear rates and different temperatures. Then we design a test loop that could be used to study the crude behavior while flowing inside the pipeline. (Advisor Dr. Mohamed Hashim Siddig and Co-worker Engineer Mohamed Abd-almonim Alnazeer).

Representative Simulation Results



Combined effects of grooves, tube projection and clearance on the integrity of rolled Tube- tubesheet joints.



Dr. Abd-alrahman Shuaib



Thesis Committee members:

Dr. Nesar Merah                              Dr. Yagoub N. Al-Nassar









Thesis Abstract

Heat exchanger tubes are usually attached to tubesheet by welding, hydraulic pressure or rolling expansion to form tube-to-tubesheet joint. This joint has considerable effect in heat exchanger total cost. Over decades rolling expansion has been the most commonly used method by  industry because it is simple and offer time and cost savings moreover it gives good joint strength which usually measured in terms of the residual contact pressure between tubes and tubesheet or experimentally by  tubes pull or push out force. There are so many   limitations for tube-to-tubesheet expansion specified by Tubular Exchanger Manufacturer Association TEMA among which is the initial clearance between tubesheet and tubes (over-tolerance). Over-tolerance increases over time because of repeated maintenance processes so considering the optimal clearance to give reasonable joint strength is of an important. The main objective of this work is to experimentally study the effect of grooves and tube projection on the integrity of rolled tube-tubesheet joint of overenlarged holes. Experimental results will be compared with numerical results obtained by two-dimensional axisymmetric finite element simulation for the rolling process using ANSYS finite element software.



Haitham M.S. Bahaidarah, Osman M. Duffuaa, and N.K. Anand, " Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Wavy Channels with Converging-Diverging Sharp Edge" Fifth International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer, Canmore, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 18-22, 2007.