Phys102 lab Policy



Instructor: Tareq Ahmed Mokhiemer



Office:†† 6/259-D

Phone: 4123

Office hours: ††Sun 12:30 -2:10 pm, Wed 1:30 -3:00 pm And By Email appointment

Grading policy:

Reports + Pre-lab Quizzes=150 points

Final + Practical exam+ Mid-Term (if any) = 50 points

Pre-Lab quiz: In most of the experiments you'll be required to do part of the experiment at the start of the lab without any help from me.

Optional: Think of a new experiment that tests any concept in physics and present it in a clear manner.


The objectives of the lab:


1-       To apply concepts and verify laws learned in Phys102 lectures.

2-       To learn how to deal with a new instrument you see for the first time in your life.

3-       To develop your experimental skills, to be able to rely more on your common sense than on prior theoretical knowledge when necessary, to learn by doing...etc.

4-       To learn how to use some devices and measurement equipments.

5-       To have the opportunity to practice scientific writing.

6-       To learn how to read a manual by yourself and follow its instructions.


General Regulations:


1-       Lab attendance is mandatory, and make-up can only be done for an official excuse..

[ Missed labs get a zero and three unexcused absences get a course denial ]

2-       Each experiment should be read from the manual before the lab starts (There would be questions and bonuses!)

3-       Lab reports should be written individually. (Cheating will be severely punished)

4-       All students should participate in the doing the experiment (Donít be an observer!)

5-       The report should be written clearly, accurately, and honestly and submitted during the lab.

6-       The lab report will be marked according to most or all of the following: understanding, clarity, data analysis, discussion, report structure, and answering the manualís questions.

7-       You will fetch your report from the door of my office before you come to the lab.


Important Note: If you missed a lab and you have an official excuse, please contact me immediately to arrange a make-up lab.