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Hardware KB


The hardware kb is based on problems related to the hardware-software configurations only. Physical hardware troubleshooting is not my field of expertise.


The kb is categorized by the following devices:

*    Printers

1) RPC server is unavailable error message

2) Printer prints half-page

3) Internet explorer script error when printing from IE

4) Unable to communicate with device, please start MPService error message

5) Printer stops working after updating to Service pack 2


*    PDA

1) Hotsync icon missing

2) Connection to desktop could not be established error message


*    CDROM

1)       Cdrom is not accessible. Incorrect function error message


*    Dial-up Modem

1) Error Receiving Fax using the windows Fax console

2) Error 0x0000008E error message when using dial-up internet

3) Error 633. The modem is already in use, error message

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1)  When installing a new printer, you get an error message saying that: ‘RPC server is unavailable

Another related error message happens, when you try to start the print spooler service, you get ‘error 1068’



1. start => run => services.msc => double-click print spooler => dependencies tab => take note to all services that are listed => cancel => double-click ‘Remote Procedure Cal’ => change startup type to automatic => ok => repeat the same procedure to all dependent services that were listed

2. If problem persists, click start => run=> type each of the following commands

          net start spooler

          Sc config spooler depend= RPCSS

3. If problem persists, Start => run => regsvr32 wintrust.dll

          Start => run => regsvr32 spoolss.dll

4.       If problem persists, Start=> run => regedit => browse to    hklm\system\currentcontrolset\services\spooler\

          Delete the keys named ‘DependOnService’ => restart PC

5.             Reinstall Service pack 2 for windows xp



2) When you start printing, the printer only prints half of the page. This is more common with hp printer.


start => control panel => double-click backpack finder => finder settings => set the following as make unavailable: LPT interrupts, LPT port, Backpack detection



3) When printing from IE you receive the following error message: “Internet Explorer Script error res:\\c:\windows\system32\shdoclc.dll\preview.dlg



 1. open IE => tools => internet options => advanced tab => uncheck ‘enable third-party browser extensions’ =>ok => restart PC

2. If problem persists => please see: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=303360



4) “Unable to communicate with device… please start MPService…” error message when trying to print.



1. unplug printer => start => control panel => windows firewall => select turn off firewall => ok 

2. temporarily disable any antivirus or third-party firewalls => connect the printer and try again.

3. download the MPService updates for cannon from their website.

4. re-enable the windows firewall



5) Printer stops working after updating to Service pack 2. The printer may not be detectable.



1. uninstall service pack 2 => if printer works then create a restore point in the windows system restore

2. uninstall all printer software and drivers from add/remove programs

3. disconnect printer

4. delete the corresponding printer icon in ‘printers and faxes’ in the control panel

5. install service pack 2 and perform all windows updates => download http://tinyurl.com/3wugt

6. disable the windows firewall  and then resintall the printer software software.

Only connect the printer when requested to do so.

7. If you have hp printer, then please see:





PDA problems:


1) Hotsync icon is missing from taskbar



1. uninstall PDA software

2. Cleanup the windows registry using regcleaner http://tinyurl.com/6yhab

3. reboot => disable any antivirus or firewalls

4. reinstall the PDA software



2) You receive the following error message or similar when connecting to the PDA:

Connection to desktop could not be established… ’



Each of the following steps are independent. Only proceed to the next step if problem persists.

1. restart PC and try to connect the PDA to a separate USB port

2. soft reset PDA: press reset on back panel using stylus

3. open hotsync manager on host computer => setup => local tab => verify serial port => speed list => select 9600

4. right-click hotsunc icon => verify local usb is checked

5. access application launcher in PDA (home symbol) =>  launch hotsync application => tap local => select direct serial from the list.

6. go to device manager on hosting computer and verify that there is no unknowns (?) or conflicts (!)

7. please see product manufacturer if problem persists






1)       Not Accessible.. Incorrect Function”  when trying to access the cdrom from my computer.

1. uninstall roxio cd => restart and try again






1)       When you receive a fax using windows fax, you get the following error message: ‘Error Receiving Fax’.



1. ensure that the phone line not connected (shared) to other device such as answering machine.

2. check modem compatibility with windows: http://tinyurl.com/3skeu

3. right-click my computer => select properties => expand modems => double-click the modem device => diagnostics tab => query modem => make sure you do not receive any errors

4. start => run => type: regedit  and press enter => browse to the following key => hklm\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\media center\service  => click edit in menu bar => new => key => type: UseTelephony  and press enter => right-click default in right pane =>  select modify => type: 0 => ok => restart pc

5. follow ms instructions here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306662/

6.  if problem persists, a workaraound is to download and use stupidfax to receive faxes: http://tinyurl.com/4dfad



2) Error 0x0000008E… error message when using dial-up internet



1. perform windows update (if you can access the internet through another connection)

2. download and install the latest graphics driver

3. reinstall the internet connection applications (such as AOL)



3) “Error 633. The modem is already in use...”, error message



Each of the following steps are independent. Only proceed to the next step if problem persists.

1. go to safe mode => right-click my computer => select properties =>  hardware tab => expand modems => uninstall all modem drivers (right-click => uninstall)  => restart computer normaly => windows will automatically reinstall the modem drivers

2. uninstall any other unknown or unnecessary internet connecting software

3. scan for viruses/spyware

4. end-process every non-microsoft process in task-manager until the error message does not appear