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     Research Assistant



My Research Interests


My research interests include Computer Networks, Wireless & Mobile Computing. I am currently active in Mobile and Wireless Networks & Computer Networks.


Graduate Research Work

MS Thesis

Title :  Design and Evaluation of a Reliable P2P Communication Protocol f or    IEEE 802.11b      Networks

 Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Mayez Abdullah Al-Mouhamed

Committee Members:   Dr. Ashraf S. Hasan Mahmoud, Dr. Zubair Ahmed Baig


Project Work

COE-540 Computer Networks

Term Project: Solving Denial of Service problem using CoDNS


COE-541 Local and Metropolitan Area Networks

Term Project: Reliable Peer-to-Peer protocol for WLAN using the Stargate Embedded system


COE-543 Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks

Term Project: Subcarrier and Power Allocation in Multiuser OFDM


COE-501 Computer Architecture

Term Project:Parallel Processing using the E1350 IBM eServer Cluster


COE-561 Digital System Design and Synthesis

Term Report: A Survey on ABC Synthesis Tool


COE-504 Heterogeneous Computing

Term Project:Real-Time Publish/Subscribe Middleware Platforms for Mobile Computing


EE-562    Digital Signal Processing

Term Project:Wavelet Based OFDM over Wireless Channels


EE-663    Image Processing

Term Project:Image Enhancement using Wavelets and Multiresolution Processing


Undergraduate Project Work

Final Year Project
Two Channel Relay Control For IRIS Recognition

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