Projects Involved in

An Investigation into the Application of GIS for Infrastructure and Facilities Management in Saudi Arabia.

Master Planning of Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Science Park at KFUPM.

Thermal Design and Air Conditioning Operation Strategies for Energy Conservation in Mosques in Hot Humid Climates of Saudi Arabia (Partial Involvement).

Determining Affordable Housing Stocks in Administrative Areas, Saudi Arabia

Establishing a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Unit In the Maintenance Department at KFUPM.

Survey Analysis of the Performance of Medical Center at KFUPM.

KFUPM Master Plan Project.

Development of GIS-Based Basemap for KFUPM Campus.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Master Planning Update of KFUPM

Tourism Planning for Supreme Commission of Tourism (involved in technical support).

National Atlas of Saudi Arabia Update (KFUPM Center)

Social and Planning Study for Youth Problems and Needs in Yanbu Industrial City.

Socio-Cultural Analysis of Third Places  through GIS: A case study of Al-Khobar.

Monitoring and Mapping of Traffic Noise and Air Pollution of Arterial Roads in Urban Areas: A Decision-assisting Framework for Impact Assessment and Mitigation Measures (Partial Involvement).