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Welcome to KFUPM Open Courseware

Welcome to the KFUPM Open Courseware website.

One of the primary goals of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) is to promote e-Learning and effective utilization of technology to enhance teaching and learning. As part of its mission to establish leadership in the area of e-Learning in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region, KFUPM is planning to have open access to its course material.

The e-Learning Center, in the Deanship of Academic Development at KFUPM is in charge of promoting the use of web for teaching and learning at the university. For this purpose the e-Learning Center has provided a course management system, WebCT/Blackboard, which provides integrated access to online resources to students and instructors for the purpose of teaching and learning. Instructors use WebCT/Blackboard to provide traceable access to course material. In addition, it provides the platform for interactive learning including collaboration through the online discussion and instant feedback on submitting online quizzes. The real value of the use of online environment for learning comes from the various types of interactions that occur in environment.

The material that instructors post on WebCT/Blackboard is available only to the students enrolled in the course. To further extend the value of the material, this site provides a direct access to the material published in the course management system. The purpose is to provide open access to the material, which we hope will be a valuable source of reference. The material that appears on this site has been published after taking proper permission from faculty members.


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