RPM's Download

   1. bind-9.2.2.P3-9.i386


   2. bind-chroot-9.2.2.P3-9.i386


   3. VMWare Workstation for

       Linux rpm Version



i. MS Windows

                  a. Setting up Remote Desktop Connection

                  b. Setting up a Shared Folder and Mapping it From Remote Location

                  c. Setting up FTP on Windows

                  d. Creating and Administering User Accounts

	 e. Configuring NetMeeting 
            ii. Red Hat Linux					
                  a. RHCE Linux Study Guide
  	  b. The Linux Kernel HOW TO
	  c. Linux One Page Commands
	  d. More Linux Commands with Description
       iii. Presentations
                 a. Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection
                 b. KFUPM Filer System