Professional membership:

Associate Member of Bangladesh Institute of Planner (BIP) (Membership ID# AM423)   


    Newspaper Article:

Rahman, M A (2008), One Village One product Andolon (Movement): Bengali Article, published in a Leading Daily Newspaper of Bangladesh named "Jugantor" in November 12, 2008, p. 5


    Research base video documentary in the field of planning and development:

I have made a research base video documentary themed on Urbanization in Bangladesh and LGED's intervention which was funded by a ADB assisted project conducted by Local Government and Engineering Department (LGED) of Bangladesh where I contributed the whole package includes script writing, research, direction, editing and so forth.


    Areas of special interest:

I have special interest of Research on two Holy cities Makka and Madinah.  I have prepared a research paper on 'Madinah Knowledge Economic City' as part of a course term paper of which I am planning to publish in a Journal soon inshaAllah. 

Planning text book writing: I am preparing a text book for planning and development discipline.


    Life long dream:

To establish a 'model village' in my home country. It's an action oriented research base pilot project taken on the approach of comprehensive village development model in my native village of Bangladesh named South Nosoruddin Model Village. This project was first initiated in 2008 which is now still in research phase. The fundamental approach of this project is to utilize the local resources in a planned manner where different aspects of planning like land use, economic, social, religious and environmental will be considered. The moral of this project is to demonstrate that how Islamic ethics and principles can revitalize the society as a whole, which also can be proved in both theoretically and practically by this project. InshaAllah, I wish to start the implementation phase soon.








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