Research Assistant: September 2009-to date

    Department of City & Regional Planning, KFUPM, KSA

    I had been involved as Research Assistant in Book writing titled 'Town Planning and Political Culture of Planning in Bangladesh' with Professor  Golam Rahman in Bangladesh

     I am the founder of a Research and Consultancy firm named 'TRIANGLE' from 2007 based on Dhaka (Farm gate) which is currently dormant.


    Conference Paper:

Rahman, M A and Zaber T (2009), Dream into Reality: Designing an ideal homestead from the perspective of rural Bangladesh, Planning our Urban Future, souvenir jointly published by Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP) and Center for Urban Studies (CUS) on the Occasion of Conference of World Habitat Day 2009, Dhaka


    I have attended to many local and international conferences


    Involvement with Research Projects:

Socio-Cultural Analysis of Third Places through GIS: A case study of Al-Khobar, Funded by: Deanship of Scientific Research, KFUPM

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Rabigh Phase-II Petrochemical Project, Conducted by Center for Water and Environment, Research Institute, KFUPM

Monitoring National Air pollution by NSIITP


    Short Course: I had been involved in a GIS short course for February 2010-June 2010, which is conducted by City and Regional Planning Department, KFUPM


   Academic research interest areas:

   Sustainable development

    Islamic cities and towns

    Public policy

    Rural development

    Smart growth

    Economic as well as knowledge economic cities







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