My Research Work

Currently, I am working with Dr. Harthi (my thesis advisor) on Feedback reduction and capacity optimization issues on Multi-user Diversity (funded project). Also, we are planning to work on optimal channel probing and opportunistic spectrum access.

My Research Interests

Research interests include:
Opportunistic communications, feedback reduction, beamforming, resource allocation, random access protocols, and performance analysis and modeling of communication networks.

Master Thesis

Opportunistic Scheduling with Limited Feedback in Wireless Communications Systems [Abstract], [Presentation].

Journal Publications

[J1] Mohammed E. Eltayeb and Yahya Al-harthi, "Multiuser diversity with Binary Feedback,"  Wireless Personal Comm. Journal, Jan 5th, 2010. [pdf]

[J2] Mohammed E. Eltayeb and Yahya Al-Harthi, "Opportunistic Multiuser Scheduling Algorithm for Multi-carrier Wireless Data Systems," Submitted for publication.

Conference Publications

[C1] Tareq Al-Naffouri and Mohammed E. Eltayeb, "Opportunistic Beamforming with Precoding for Spatially Correlated Channels," the 11th Canadian Workshop on Information Theory (CWIT May, 2009). [pdf]

[C2] Mohammed E. Eltayeb and Hamid Bahrami "Opportunistic Scheduling with fairness constraints in wireless communications systems," submitted to Globecom 2010.

[P1] Tareq Al-Naffouri, Eprahim El-Safadi and Mohammed E. Eltayeb, "OFDM Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Method," Patent pending.

  • Opportunistic scheduling in wireless Networks. [ppt]
  • Null steering in linear arrays. 
  • How Much Does Transmit Correlation Affect the Sum-Rate Scaling of MIMO Gaussian dBroadcast Channels? (with Dr. Tareq - Funded) [pdf].
  • Opportunistic Random Beamforming precoding for spatially correlated channels  [pdf].
  •  Performance of ARQ protocols under Rayleigh fading and non-fading channels [pdf],  [matlab codes]
  • VSAT system, [Presentation]
  • A study on online shopping in Saudi Arabia (Management project Team Leader), [pdf]

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