“I believe sincerely, that every man has consummate genius in him. some appeared to have it more than the other, only because they are aware of it more than the other are. And the awareness or unawareness of it, is what has made some genius and the other into mediocrity, I believe mediocrity is self inflected and that genius is a self bestowed.
     Every successful man I ever know, and I know a great many carry with him the key that unlock that awareness and lets in the universal power that has made him into master. That key is desire when it is released into the great eternal energy of the universe.
     I have found out that the real essentials of greatness in men are not written in books, nor can they be found in the schools. They are written into the inner consciousness of everyone who intensely searches for perfection in creative achievement and are understandable to such men only...”
   Walter Russell

Mr. Muhammad Aliyu Sulaiman , M.Sc. Student
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.
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