• Anonymous Communication and  privacy-enhancing technologies
  • Cryptography; specifically cryptanalysis
  • Pattern Recognition and Classification of images and documents
  • Machine learning

Thanks for watching my Presentation on Tor usage and challenges. If you have any comment, please feel free to contact me.
Introduction to Tor video: Click here to play
presentation on Tor usage: Click here to play
Basic idea of anonymity system and Tor circuit setup: click here to play
In-depth description of circuit set up and components: click here to play
In-depth description of Circuit setup: click here to play
Challenges of runing Tor exit node: click here to play

  • In-depth technical description on how Tor works (part of my thesis work).
  • Reports on Port forwarding and Redirection (part of my thesis work).
  • Reports on Network application Architecture (part of my thesis work).
  • Survey on Cryptanalysis submitted as term paper during data encryption course
  • Technical report on setting up experimenTor (part of my thesis work)
  • Report on Arabic bank check feature extraction and classification submitted to ARHAT group
  • Manual on how to use corpus based Arabic spelling checker program submitted to ARHAT group