Welcome to my personal online website.   After my official working hours at KFUPM, this is the charitable projects that I am involved in. 

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Charitable Membership

  • EDMARK, INTERNATIONAL - I wish to help other people. Being a user of this products, I recommend this as effective and reliable. In order to enjoy the benefits being offered of this company, I applied for life time membership.  Having earned a Membership Application with Sponsor's Details SA200791 of Edmark, International, presently, I am a Manager of many friendly distributors of these Products.


  • SANGKAY, SAUDI ARABIA - An Officer (Business Manager) of Sangkay, Saudi Arabia - a Waray speaking people non-profit organization, helping other people in so many ways; organizing FREE seminars on Computer knowledge, giving assistance of distress OFWs, etc. 

                New Sangkay Offered Seminars - Basic Computer Application

  • UNITED FILIPINO BASKETBALL FEDERATION (Member/Founder) - Now, I am also a MJ (Microphone Jockey) of United Filipino Basketball Federation, a sports writer and a news contributor of Abante Middle East Edition.