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It is better to suffer hardhip in one's own country than to enjoy ease in a foreign land

Dear visitor,

The site is dedicated to anyone who wants to know about the Indian community in KFUPM, as well as the information about getting admission at KFUPM.  India is a land of heaven where nature bestowed everything to enjoy a happy and prosperous life.  It is a land of pride, culture, different casts and hope.  Proverb "Unit is strength" can be truly applied in our society. 

Since I am from Amroha, a city of peace and beautiful nature, I would like to write information about this great city.  Amroha means (Aam (Mango) ruhu (delicious) means a place of delicious mangoes.  A big chain of mango garden is still in Amroha outer, which are exported all over the world.  A large number of religious places are there.  Temples and mosques, side by side are one of the finest exmaples of peace and tranquility in Amroha.  There is a big Jama Masjid, I think, which can accommodate under its roof around 100,000 people at one time for prayers.  A large number of people perform 5 times prayers in the Masjid daily especially Juma prayer.  

Amroha is fortunate having great scholars and reformers.  Mirza Zia Uddin, a great reformer in 1800 century, who tendered his services to the welfare of poor and needy people.  Mirza Yaqoob Uddin and Mirza Sirajus Saajuddiin, both devoted their lives for development of amroha.  Jalal Abbas Abbasi, a great scholar in Library Science, a former curator of Moulana Azad Library at Aligarh Muslim University has produced a large number of books and literature in Urdu.  An impressive personality in terms of producing images with urdu poetry, Jalal Abbas Abbasi is always thinking how to improve condition of indian community specially poor people so that they can stand on their own.  He published a large number of articles in Urdu magizine regarding great reformist Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, Asad Ullah Khan Galib, Hali and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.  

Mirza Meraj Uddin, a great teacher and great thinker is also from Amroha.  He has been spending most of his time in reading and research in the field of English literature and modern photonics.  

For information about admission at KFUPM : http://www.kfupm.edu.sa