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You will only fool yourself if you are less than honest.  Be realistic

Mirza Junaid Akhtar

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Life is an opportunity -  Take it
Life is an adventure - Dare it
Life is a challenge - Meet it
Life is a game - Play it
Life is a struggle - Fight it
Life is a puzzle - Solve it
Life is a beauty - Praise it
Life is a gift - Accept it
Life is a journey - Complete it
Life is a duty - Perform it
Life is a goal - Achieve it
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A Life Perspective

If Allah was to grant you 70 years of your life...

You would spend:
24 years sleeping
14 years working
8 years in amusement
6 years at the dinner table
5 years in transportation
4 years in conversation
3 years in education
3 years reading
3 years watching television

If you prayed 5 Times every day,
you would be giving Allah 5 months of your life.
Can't we give 5 months out of 70 years?
Let's all give Allah a minimum of
5 months of our lives!