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   كل المعلومات و المواضيع الموجودة بالموقع مختارة و مجمعة من مواقع اخرى

              وذلك لسهولة الاطلاع والافادة عن الصحة والمرض والقلب

You can learn about your health and disease at the links below.

The best way to maintain a healthy heart is to eat correctly, exercise regularly and keep surfing my Website and links for the latest heart and health information .


Heart Channel news and educational resources

Egypt Heart Net

Heart Journal


American Heart Association

American College ofCardiology

 European Society of CardiologyEuropean Society of Cardiology


ADA Vegetarian Nutrition WebsiteADA

Gastro-intestinal  information

Pediatric  information in pediatrics, perinatology, breastfeeding, parenting, pediatric events


Sickle Cell Disease


Featured Cardio Health Programs

The Heart: A Table of Contents

Heart Diseases & conditions
Heart at work
Cardiac Risk Profile

Chest Pain&Angina


High Blood Pressure


Healthy Heart
Men's Health
Women's Health
Children's Health
Understanding congenital heart defects

Common types of congenital heart defects

Heart Center MayoClinic.com logo 

Headache and Migraine

Healthy Lifestyle

MSN Health

Drugs Index BNF

British Heart Foundation
Family Heart Association

Milestones in Cardiology

Weight Management

Benefits of Exercise

Starting Exercise

Self Help Topics

The Heart of Diabetics

Diabetes and the Heart

Diabetes History

Diabetes History Calendar

Diabetes Classification

Diabetes & Food

Diabetes Courses

Diabetes Education


Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes Question & Answer

Food Recipes

Diabetic Cookbook

American Dietetic Association

Medscape from WebMD

United States National Library of MedicineHSTAT Banner

Reuters.com  News

Target heart rate calculator

Heart disease risk calculator

Body Mass Index  BMI calculator

Daily calorie calculator

Men's screening tests : What, why and how often ?

Thyroid gland disease

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